Thank You Cowichan Foundation

“This gift reinforces my decision to higher education and will ensure a strong start ot a hard semester, Fall 2016. The privilege of sharing this news with my friends, associates and loved ones made my summer vacation complete.”

“Receiving this award is highly encouraging for me. It has given me a much needed boost of confidence and it will ightern my financial burden, allowing me to focus on the most important aspect of my education — learning. Thank you again…”

“It is hard to put into words how much I appreciate your contribution to my educational goals. The process of going back to school has felt like one of rebirth and at times I have felt as helpless as a child….Thank you so much…”

“It was such an unexpected honour to receive the 2016 Mary Garland Coleman Prize in lyric poetry. Thank you so much for seeing the value in my creation and Helping support my educational goals…”

“I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the honour which you have bestowed upon me. The award and its financial benefit will go a long way to assist me in my studies this coming academic year.”

“Thank you for my recent award for the 2016/2017 academic year at Vancouver island University. This will assist me in completing my course on time and continuing into further studies at VIU.”

thank you cards

“I am honoured to receive the Roger Stanyer Memorial Award! My deepest gratitude goes out to you and the Foundation. I feel a deep connection to the Cowichan Valley and all conservation efforts that serve to protect its beauty. ”

“Returning to school as a mature student with physical and mental disabilities has proven to be both a challenge and a joy…I am beyond grateful to look at this as a milestone of my accomplishment and I am beyond grateful to know someone else believes in me too…”

“The cost of a higher education and all the added expenses is pretty overwhelming at times and this amount has definitely helped. Thank you ever so much!”

“As a student returning to school later on (and with children at home), it is a huge boost of encouragement in returning and completing my studies.”

“I am grateful and honoured to be receiving this award. I will be using it to fund part of my tuition for my second year in the Criminology Diploma Program.”